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Which Is Better for Product Page SEO: A Single URL or Multiple?

Last updated: 10/23/2020

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Tiffany in New York. She asks: Great question! Because I don’t know your specific situation or website, I’m going to respond in...

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How Does Content Syndication Impact SEO?

Last updated: 10/22/2020

Do you want to put your content in front of high-value audiences who are currently out of your reach? Want to know the best way to do so? Never heard of it? Don’t...

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10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

Last updated: 10/21/2020

READS The real estate industry is highly competitive, especially in major cities. From the solopreneur trying to make ends meet to the massive national conglomerates, everyone...

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How To Create User Intent SEO Strategy

Last updated: 10/21/2020

Google which is the largest search engine is powered by more than 2 billion cod lines, written by some of the most creative minds in the world. Through the years, these people...

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Does Social Media Affect Search Engine Rankings? Yes – Here’s How

Last updated: 10/14/2020

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably have plenty of questions about the benefits of social media, and maybe even how it crosses over to your search engine...

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How to Make the Ultimate Backlinking Strategy

Last updated: 10/13/2020

Google confirmed in a press release that backlinks (also called inbound links) are the second most important ranking factor, after content when it comes to boosting your site’s...

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How We Create High Quality Content For the User — and SEO

Last updated: 10/08/2020

Business 2 Community In 2019, over 4.4 million blog posts were published every day . How can you create high quality content in a sea of listicles, “ultimate” guides, how-to’s,...

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How Important is Content for SEO?

Last updated: 10/06/2020

How Important is Content for SEO? Pin1 7 Shares Content is extremely important for SEO, without it search engines won’t have enough information to index your pages correctly and...

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Content Velocity: What It Is, How to Calculate It & Why You Should Care

Last updated: 10/04/2020

It’s quality over quantity these days, right? While it is 100% true that you should always be creating the highest quality content for your users and the various search...

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My Biggest SEO Marketing Mistake and How You Can Avoid it

Last updated: 10/03/2020

you need to be thinking about the big picture Confusion. That’s what I would call it. After looking at Google Analytics, sales were not up in any significant way. I got that...

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